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In the Shoes of a Grocery Delivery Person

Hey everyone! Yes, after a long hiatus extending to almost a month, I am officially back! The past month has been very complex. Firstly, I would like to extend my deepest and heartiest gratitude to all you lovely people out there. Reading your wonderful comments definitely helped me regain my positivity and it just made me feel so confident. Thank you so much, guys, for all the support 😊❤. I really really really appreciate it.  Today's post is a poem, I wrote as a part of a fun activity conducted by my school. It was called: 'Tiny Tales.'   There were five prompts given to us and we could either write a short story, article, or compose a poem of under 200 words. The prompts were-  I really like those topics- well thought out!  I decided to take the (5) option as right now, most of us are ordering groceries online, and because of the delivery people, we are able to get them right at home with ease!  So here is my poem, hope you like it! A Day in My Life  My alarm buzzed at

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